Centre For Climate Change & Food Security (CCCFS)

The Centre for Climate Change and Food Security (CCCFS), founded by Engr Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen in October 2015, is a Ghanaian-based NGO dedicated to promoting sustainable development through research, advocacy, and initiatives focused on climate resilience, environmental conservation, renewable energy, food security, nutrition, and public health in Africa.

Who We Are

The Centre is dedicated to driving positive change in Africa through research, advocacy, and knowledge-sharing, with a focus on informing policies that promote climate resilience, food security, improved human and animal well-being, access to sustainable energy, and responsible natural resource management, ultimately supporting farmers and communities to thrive in a sustainable future.


To tackle climate change challenges impacting food security and sustainable farming, fostering resilience and security for communities, farmers, and ecosystems.

Our Philosophy

The Centre’s foundation is built on a philosophical approach that relies on robust scientific principles, emphasizing the utilization of nature-based solutions that tap into the natural world’s inherent potential to address its own challenges. CCCFS adheres to the precautionary principle, prioritizing caution and prudence in our decision-making processes at all times.


To create a world where humans and nature thrive in harmony, with resilient food systems capable of adapting to climate change.

Our Goals

The Centre aims to become;

What We Do

CCCFS strives for positive societal change through impactful initiatives.

Climate Change

CCCFS conducts educational campaigns and workshops on climate change awareness and mitigation strategies within communities.

Food Security And Nutrition

Implements sustainable agriculture projects, including organic farming, to enhance food production and nutrition.


Clean Environment for all

Works on improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities in communities to reduce waterborne diseases.

Sustainable Agriculture And Agribusiness

Provides farmers with access to seeds, organic fertilisers, and modern farming equipment

Alternative Livelihood

Offers training and skill development programs to diversify income sources for communities.

Biodiversity Conservation And Research

Conducts biodiversity research to assess local ecosystems and identify endangered species.

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